Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Limerick Homer

We have copies of the remarkable Limerick Homer available for sale. The Owl Oak Editors have reworked Homer's classic tales the Iliad and the Odyssey book by book into hilarious, ribald and frequently unintelligible limericks.

M. A. Schoor of the Frost Foundation comments:

"And so it goes. This epic absurdity fits right next to Slaughterhouse Five and Catch-22 on my bookshelf" -- M. A. Schorr

In these perilous times of economic uncertainty and grim reality checking, one needs a bit of levity. If you can only have one Limerick Homer, this is it!


  1. What no comments?

    Well, here's one.

  2. The Limerick Homer has been to Turkey where it was read quietly along the shores of the bay at Izmir - It flew over the vicinity of Troy late one night on its way to Istanbul.

  3. Yes...we should start asking people to have their pictures taken with TLH at remakable locations both foreign and domestic.