Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Offering From Owl Oak Press

Different Waters—A collection of poetry from OOP's co-owner Tim Smith.
Available now from OOP at $15.00 including shipping. Email to place an order or call us at 831.624.8138.


  1. From Different Waters, Poems 1975-2011
    by Tim Smith

    This Morning, Dreaming

    This morning, dreaming of broken ships;
    the guitar tore a hole in my hull,
    flooding the bilges.
    The quick fish of longing pierced me,
    darts out of the darkness in a secret sea
    whose depth and shadow no lead can fathom
    nor light invest with lucid clarity.

    I breathe, recalling how the breath took me back then; overwhelmed my defenses;
    swept with tidal pull, my body undulating
    under the waves of longing, plunged into the depths of the unnameable ocean.

    Joy was a dolphin leaping in my heart,
    the great whales of sorrow breaching and sounding.

    I flailed and wept as one drowning might
    when at last all seems lost but the surrender
    that liberates from the fear of loneliness
    and the oozy twist of pearly-eyed repose.

    I thought of you all who had exiled me from your shores, sent me out toward that unknown island of myself;
    sent out past the familiar, flickering fires, the known profile of your terrain.
    Looming headlands rising from the salt disappearing in the wake of time.

    Six strings fathom me still. Six silver fish like darts. Everything has changed.
    Everything stays the same.

    ___Copyright Owl Oak Press 2011____

  2. Different Waters is in the process of being formatted for e-readers. Publication date before 12/31/2011. Keep an eye out here for it!